Eligibility Requirements for Eviction Prevention Program with KAA:

  • At or Below 80% AMI for Metropolitan Area. 

(FY 2021 Income Limits Documentation System -- Summary for Jefferson County, Kentucky (huduser.gov))

  • Documented Proof of Status (HIV + Status).
  • Active in KDAP currently with KCCP.
  • Live in a permanent residence and named on lease
  • Be currently in process of or threat of eviction (7-day notice included).

If you are eligible as described above, please call and leave a message at 502.208.9713/email: andrews@12cac.org (please note: if providing personal information to email, it is secure and encrypted on our email, but not on your end when sending unless you encrypt it) or reach out to your Medical Case manager at KCCP so that they can provide a referral.

The next step will be to set up an intake assessment/appointment to fill out the Certification Packet. The Eviction Prevention Specialist will follow up to set this appointment. During this time, there are additional documentation requirements that an individual can begin gathering for the intake assessment:

Documentation Requirements:

  • Certification Packet (Provided by Eviction Prevention Specialist).
  • W-9 tax form provided by proprietor or property management.
  • Eviction Letter or Notice stating amount owed/balance; if late fees are included, these will need to be itemized out, KAA is unable to assist with late fees.
  • Complete and current/Valid Lease within assistance period with signatures.
  • Documented Proof of Status (can be provided by your MCM at KCCP).
  • Proof of Income
    • at LEAST two months of paystubs; (4) for biweekly/ (9) for weekly or,
    • f gig work, (direct deposit) bank statements for up to two months of income deposited or,
    • Annual SSI/SSDI income award letters or,
    • Zero income affidavit (provided) if there is zero income in the household.

Please click the link below to access KAA EPP Certification Packet & W-9 Tax form

*Please Print One-Sided*

KAA EPP Application

KAA EPP Application

W-9 Tax form

W-9 Tax form